September 29, 2003
A great Mystery
No, I'm not talking about God this time ... I'm talking about a video game. When I had my hard...
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September 28, 2003
Belief, myth, and jack#$%
David is still not happy with the answers he got to his problems with "the faith thing," and I have...
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September 27, 2003
Hating your parents
Over at Tom's place a big discussion broke out about hatred, and Rob asked: For Jesus advocating "hate", check out...
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September 26, 2003
More on the faith thing
Kynn weighs in....
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The gift of faith
Tom cogently responds, here and here, to David's objections to "the faith thing" in the comments to this post. I...
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September 24, 2003
Sex and status
There was a passionate exchange recently between Ampersand and Eve Tushnet about gender roles. Roughly speaking, she's for them, he's...
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September 23, 2003
Love the sinner, hate the sin
Kynn recently objected to that concept, and Tom responded with a series of posts (permalinks are fubar again, but it...
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Mark 2
We begin with another healing story. In his post about Mark 1, Kynn wrote that he doubts Jesus actually faith-healed...
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Mmm, back scratching
I've now reciprocated some blogroll links: Hernan Gonzalez at fotos del apocalipsis, the aforementioned fantastic planet, and Bolo Boffin, which...
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A fourth Marcan!
We got another blogger joining the Gospel of Mark study: Mr. J. Puma at fantastic planet. He's a Gnostic, of...
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September 22, 2003
Going native
Joel was interviewed by Jenny of 111:2, and made a point about California's beauty: I prefer that people who come...
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September 21, 2003
I realized last night, after I'd gotten the computer pulled together again, that I never got around to blogging about...
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September 20, 2003
What have I started?
After seeing my post on that teen-girl Biblezine, and with a nudge from T.S. O'Rama, the Curt Jester came up...
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September 19, 2003
My computer's back, and it's working! But they had to completely reinstall Windows and reformat the hard drive, so there's...
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Computer update
So the techie came over yesterday after work, and couldn't figure out what the heck was going on either. He...
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September 18, 2003
Worse than a broken computer
Get well soon, Dash!...
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The spirit is willing, but the flesh has issues
Well, the upgrade is not going smoothly. I took it home yesterday, turned it on, everything worked great, except ......
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September 17, 2003
The sublime and the ridiculous
The Bible I'm reading for the Mark blogging is the HarperCollins Study Bible, which I picked up on Telford's recommendation...
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September 16, 2003
Know thyself
I mentioned in the last post the book that Telford and I blogged part of this summer, which includes Marcus...
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September 15, 2003
Mark 1
Mark is one of the three Synoptic Gospels, along with Matthew and Luke, and some scholars believe the latter two...
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Camassia enters the twenty-first century!
People may have been confused by the extremely off-topic exchange I had in the comments with David (not David Heddle,...
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September 13, 2003
Speaking of book-blogging...
I'm really glad that Jennifer is blogging Karl Barth, because he's one of those people I've never read, but always...
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On your Mark...
Rob was not happy that I bailed on the women's ordination argument, because he likes hearing me think aloud. I...
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September 12, 2003
Anything for the Mother Church
Tom is bravely volunteering to sacrifice himself to the Presbyterian horde. I am sure we will all be praying for...
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Drawing the lines
It has come to my attention, through the comments below, that I misrepresented David Heddle. Sorry! I think a lot...
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September 11, 2003
Male and female he created them
So last night I posted two views on women's ordination, but I didn't say what I thought about it all....
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The madhouse
I dreamed this morning I was working in an insane asylum. Somehow I fell into conversation with one of the...
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September 10, 2003
Headship, bodyship, and speaking in church
Telford has the first draft of his defense of women's ordination up, and is inviting feedback. And if you like...
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When cults end
I was Googling last night for a church in my neighborhood when I stumbled across the website for the Worldwide...
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September 09, 2003
Carving new pigeonholes
My blogroll was getting too long and I have not been visiting everyone regularly, so I trimmed it down. Sorry...
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Abusing linguistics for fun and profit
Cinderella Bloggerfeller says today the Edward Said rejects the theory of Indo-European linguistic unity on the grounds that it's "Orientalist."...
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September 08, 2003
Preaching and teaching
In the comments to yesterday's post, Tom made an interesting point: One difference between Catholics and some Protestants might be...
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September 07, 2003
Dig that metaphor
It sounds like St. Mark's isn't the only Catholic church dealing with unlovely noises: This new priest is an amazing...
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Day of unrest
This is not a relaxing weekend for me. As I write this, I am putting off going back to the...
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September 06, 2003
In the closet
Tomorrow I hope to file a report on the Church of St. Mark. It should be interesting to visit a...
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September 05, 2003
Blogwatchin', across the universe
Recommended reading: The Real Live Preacher on being seduced by the Word. Mark Kleiman has a proposal to curb teenage...
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September 03, 2003
More and still more on the Ten Commandments
A good article in Christianity Today warns against legalism (via Amy Welborn), while Allen Brill discusses Bible interpretation in a...
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Blogroll changes
Goodbye, Ted Barlow (sort of -- he's on Crooked Timber now). Hello, Fr. Jim Tucker, who has shown the good...
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My dumb church questions for this week
So I went to Mass Times to investigate the Catholic churches in my neighborhood, and two questions immediately came up:...
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September 02, 2003
The joy we share as we tarry there
So as promised, here's my report on the Lutheran church I visited, which goes by the slightly kinky name of...
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September 01, 2003
Labor day
I've been busy today with long-deferred cleaning and organizing, and I'm too beat to post substantively right now. One thing...
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