September 15, 2003
Camassia enters the twenty-first century!

People may have been confused by the extremely off-topic exchange I had in the comments with David (not David Heddle, the other David). David is a former LAN administrator and my go-to guy for computer questions, but for some reason my emails haven't been getting through to him. So yesterday I called and discussed my problems, including the fact that I seem to be running out of disk space.

"How much disk space do you have?" he asked.

I looked it up. "It says 1.57 GB."

"What? That doesn't make sense. Nobody has a one-gig hard drive!"

"Well, it's one and a half gig..."

"One and half then. It doesn't make sense!"

"Er, this is the original hard drive from when I bought the computer in 1997."

"Oh. That makes sense."

Actually, it's hardly the same computer that I bought then. A couple years ago I brought it to a shop because it could no longer handle certain things I wanted to do, and they rebuilt it to the point where all that's left of the original is the hard drive, the disk drive, and the CD-ROM. So it seems like it's high time I took it back and had them rebuild the rest of it. But this means I'm going to be without my home computer for some period of time, probably just a day or two, but it may interfere with my blogging. I have read Mark 1 and will try to post about it from here at work later today, if I have time. I also want to post about the latest installment in the Westside L.A. Church Tour (this week: the United Methodists), but we'll just have to see how it shakes out. Stay tuned folks. Thanks for your patience.

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