September 23, 2003
Mmm, back scratching

I've now reciprocated some blogroll links: Hernan Gonzalez at fotos del apocalipsis, the aforementioned fantastic planet, and Bolo Boffin, which claims to be a blog by a hobbit. Actually, Bolo blogs on a weekly cycle and Tuesdays are about religion, so he's started the Bible-blogging thing too. But he thinks he's too late for Mark (I don't think so, but it's his choice), so he's blogging Romans. Certainly an interesting book, though I'd want to read at least one Gospel first.

Posted by Camassia at September 23, 2003 03:35 PM | TrackBack

Thanks for the recip! I don't bother with the hobbit shtick too much, actually. It's a name I got from a hobbit name generator a long time ago, and I've a presence on a couple of message boards with that username.

I'm tempted to take up Mark, but I think (from rereading my introduction) that a dialogue between my view of faith and Paul's view is where I need to go. Thanks for the encouragement, and perhaps I can catch you on the next book!

Posted by: boloboffin on September 23, 2003 05:21 PM
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