September 18, 2003
The spirit is willing, but the flesh has issues

Well, the upgrade is not going smoothly. I took it home yesterday, turned it on, everything worked great, except ... no Internet. I called the cable company, and the techie spent half an hour instructing me how to poke around the computer, and concluded something was wrong with the ethernet adapter. He wanted me to reinstall it, but I can't find the CD anywhere. It was put in as part of the general upgrade two years ago, everything's gone smoothly up to now so I have zero memory of where I put it. And perhaps just as alarming, I realized I can't find my Windows 98 CD either...

So the shop where I got the upgrade is sending a guy over this afternoon. The weird thing is, both the shop and the cable guy say the new hard drive couldn't have affected the Internet issue. It seems like it can't be a coincidence, but my knowledge of these things is pretty well summed up in the title Laura's post: "Everything I Know About Hardware, I Learned From My Sushi Chef."

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