May 30, 2004
When I went to church this morning I noticed a young man I hadn't seen before standing alone just outside...
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May 28, 2004
God and Caesar
Although I defended Mark Kleiman in his dispute with Allen Brill, I think Allen is basically correct in his complaint...
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May 27, 2004
Meanwhile, on the right ...
Sgt. Stryker reports that the hometown of one of the Abu Ghraib torturers is rallying round their boy, like "a...
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Rather die than kill
Mark Kleiman created quite a dust-up in the blogosphere with this post: Am I the only person who couldn't care...
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May 26, 2004
By popular demand
I asked my pastor last night about what those interfaith meetings are about. It sounds like it mostly covers organizing...
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May 22, 2004
Ascension Day
On Thursday evening my church had a joint Ascension service at the local Episcopal church. The Lutherans and the Episcopalians...
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May 20, 2004
A tale of a fateful trip
So, if you're an academic, you can try winning your fame and fortune by writing great books, doing great research,...
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Words and deeds
My back has finally recovered; thanks to those who asked. While I was out Marvin posted a few pungent remarks:...
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May 19, 2004
Blogroll boogie
Telford told me he tried to post his baccalaureate address from a few weeks ago on his blog, but Blogger...
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May 17, 2004
More deadly than the male
I mentioned recently that, despite the claim that our society finds gender difference to be a passe concept, almost everybody...
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May 15, 2004
I was really sad to hear about the suicide of David Reimer, a boy who, after a freak accident, was...
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May 14, 2004
Sed contra
Thanks for the words of support regarding my back. It's somewhat better today, and since I'm stuck at my desk...
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May 13, 2004
Is 33 the beginning of old age?
Apparently so, because after my birthday on Saturday I somehow threw my back out and it hasn't been right since....
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May 07, 2004
The opposite sex
So, as advertised, I'm getting around to women's ordination again. Back in part one of this discussion I asked about...
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May 05, 2004
Answers to the lyrics game
Here's the full list from this post. I didn't double-check all the lyrics before I wrote them, so I realized...
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More on women's ordination
No, I haven't forgotten the subject, I'm just chewing on it. In the meantime, Tripp at Anglobaptist examines 1 Timothy...
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May 04, 2004
Going native
John Derbyshire's reading history seems to have intersected with mine at at least one point: we've both read An African...
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Name that tune
OK, maybe the hot weather is making me feel frivolous, but I'm playing with another Internet meme. Only, I'm in...
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May 03, 2004
Peter is deleting his blog! Well, he says he's going to save it offline somewhere, so maybe I can bribe...
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