May 03, 2004

Peter is deleting his blog! Well, he says he's going to save it offline somewhere, so maybe I can bribe him for the collected works somehow.

Sursum Corda was one of the first Christian blogs I started reading -- if I remember right, even before Telford's. Peter is also the only blogger besides Telf that I've met in person thus far. I had breakfast with him in Berkeley on a very difficult morning, and I hope we can see each other again sometime under better circumstances. He's been a great witness to me for Christianity and for Catholicism in particular, and I will sorely miss his voice in the blogosphere.

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Peter just made a post today that he has rescinded his decision to delete his blog. He will no longer contribute to it but he will let his archived site remain as a reference.

Good decision - I wish more people would do it. It is a very pleasant experience and a good exercise in empathy to go back and look at an old site you created or that you used to visit a lot and put yourself back into the mind set of your life at that time.

Posted by: hp on May 4, 2004 05:38 PM
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