May 05, 2004
Answers to the lyrics game

Here's the full list from this post. I didn't double-check all the lyrics before I wrote them, so I realized later I got the wording a bit off on a few of them. Sorry if that confused matters.

1. Nature has it ya got no cojones -- a dog in heat, a one-trick pony. Luscious Jackson, Life of Leisure.

2. Babaluwaye spins on his crutches, says, "Leave if you want, if you want to leave." Paul Simon, Rhythm of the Saints.

3. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm gonna try for the kingdom if I can. Velvet Underground and Nico, Heroin.

4. I tell you things you already know, so you can say, "I really identify with you." Rollins Band, Liar.

5. I love you 'cause I need to, not because I need you. U2, Luminous Times.

6. Take back the anger that nearly killed me. Take back what doesn't belong to me. Sinead O'Connor, What Doesn't Belong to Me.

7. Let me sleep all night in your soul kitchen, warm my mind on your gentle stove. The Doors, Soul Kitchen.

8. My favorite inside source, I'll kiss your open sores. Nirvana, Rape Me.

9. It's hard for me to say what's right when all I want to do is wrong. Prince, Gett Off. (Eep, I hadn't quite realized the effect of putting this one after the previous.)

10. You see, it's my thing to be part of someone. Stephen Stills, Church (Part of Someone).

11. Don't say you're easy on me, 'cause you're about as easy as a nuclear war. Duran Duran, Is There Something I Should Know?

12. I'm hip, you could use a button on your lip. Mose Allison, Look Here (this one is apparently so obscure it's not even on the web, so it's not surprising nobody got it).

13. Tell the wind not to blow, 'cause you said so. Madonna, Don't Tell Me.

14. If you cry for a nickel, you gon' die for a dime. Robert Johnson, Last Fair Deal Gone Down.

15. And you swore you were bound for glory, and for wanting you had no shame. Melissa Etheridge, I Will Never Be the Same.

16. There were rooms of forgiveness in the house that we shared. Sting, Consider Me Gone.

17. Would I spend forever here and not be satisfied? Sarah MacLachlan, Possession.

18. And it stoned me to my soul. It stoned me just like Jelly Roll. Van Morrison, And It Stoned Me.

19. So I tried to be like you, and I got swept away. Michelle Branch, All You Wanted.

20. Or play the game Existence to the end of the beginning. The Beatles, Tomorrow Never Knows.

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