January 18, 2005
The Lamb's war
In the last chapter of The Politics of Jesus, Yoder moves beyond Jesus and Paul and on to the Book...
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December 07, 2004
Reliable sources
I'll finish up The Politics of Jesus pretty soon, but one matter I've been thinking about, not connected to any...
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December 06, 2004
I haven't mentioned this, but the last two Sundays I've returned to worship at Pasadena Mennonite Church. I'm still taking...
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November 26, 2004
Love and peace or else
Yes, I bought the new U2 album the other day, and the title tune seems like a great theme song...
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November 25, 2004
The revolution at home
Up till now The Politics of Jesus has dealt with politics in their usual meaning of government and the public...
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November 16, 2004
It's back! It lives!
I was up in the San Gabriel Valley this weekend, and decided to stop by the Fuller Seminary Bookstore to...
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October 21, 2004
I had to smile seeing Paul Musgrave's ode to the smell of old books, because for a while I thought...
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October 04, 2004
Well, I made an idiot of myself in this post by giving an Arminian the ultimate insult and calling him...
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September 29, 2004
Harry Potter and the warrior code
Not long ago Marvin did a post explaining how Harry Potter is an allegory for Christian nonviolence. This is not...
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September 15, 2004
Just a note...
If anyone's wondering what the heck happened to the Politics of Jesus blogging, well, I let it get overdue and...
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August 05, 2004
Fight the powers that be
My, it's been a long time since I've blogged about The Politics of Jesus, hasn't it? Kynn's recent post pondering...
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July 12, 2004
The Lord of History?
Apologies to those who tried to visit over the weekend and found the server down. Here is the reason. I...
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July 08, 2004
Follow along, children
I was surfing around and came upon an Australian Anabaptist blog (I love the Internet!) which links to an online...
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July 07, 2004
Good cop, bad cop
Yoder spends the fourth chapter of his book discussing pacifism and the Old Testament. Nowadays, of course, the creepy resemblance...
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July 05, 2004
One of the interesting things about John Howard Yoder is that he makes the case for Christian pacifism without shrinking...
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July 02, 2004
The Politics of Jesus, part 1
John Howard Yoder wrote his book in 1972 in response to theologies at the time that asserted Jesus was totally...
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May 04, 2004
Going native
John Derbyshire's reading history seems to have intersected with mine at at least one point: we've both read An African...
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April 02, 2004
Random magic
Joel and I recently discussed the morality of Goldilocks. He's right that fables have been used for teaching ever since...
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March 29, 2004
Naked is a state of mind
The other day I was talking to my mother about the subject of her dissertation, adolescents' reading. One point she...
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December 05, 2003
Book blogging
In an act of ambition up there with Dash, Sean Collins is blogging every chapter of Lord of the Rings....
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December 02, 2003
Beyond belief
That Pagels book seems to be catching on like wildfire in the blogosphere; now Bill Allison's reading it. Although he...
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October 26, 2003
Notes on the Augsburg Confession
Allen Brill recommended that to learn more about Lutheranism I should read the Augsburg Confession, and kindly unearthed an online...
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October 03, 2003
OK, one more!
Actually, before I take off I want to make my long-intended contribution to Noah Millman's game: name the ten most...
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September 16, 2003
Know thyself
I mentioned in the last post the book that Telford and I blogged part of this summer, which includes Marcus...
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September 13, 2003
Speaking of book-blogging...
I'm really glad that Jennifer is blogging Karl Barth, because he's one of those people I've never read, but always...
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July 16, 2003
Hero worship
I finally got to reading (or reading all of) Lynn's take on Telford's comments. It's as good as I expected,...
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July 15, 2003
Mind games
At long last, this weekend I read Telford's comments on chapters 5 and 6 of the Jesus book. Back when...
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July 11, 2003
Yet more on the historical Jesus
Lynn has another post up responding to Telford's comments on chapters 5-6. She also comments on the exchange between Telford...
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To die for, cont'd
(See part one of this post.) Wright also continues with the same approach he's been taking all along, which in...
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July 10, 2003
Chapters 5-6: To die for
This part of The Meaning of Jesus deals with Jesus' conviction and execution. There are several points of interest in...
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July 09, 2003
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
So I said on Monday I'd "get to" chapters 5 and 6 of the Jesus book, and I did get...
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July 07, 2003
When theologians rampage
I finally reconnected with Telford this weekend -- he's sold his house and has a little more time on his...
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June 30, 2003
Sorry, I seem to have misplaced my theologian
For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the next installment of the historical-Jesus discussion (click here if you...
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