July 11, 2003
Yet more on the historical Jesus

Lynn has another post up responding to Telford's comments on chapters 5-6. She also comments on the exchange between Telford and Leon Zitzer. (Leon wrote to me too -- sorry I flaked, but I didn't feel qualified to comment on this subject.)

I have to say, Lynn has been a more faithful and interesting participant in this discussion than I have. (So why doesn't Telford do it with her instead of with you?--ed. Because she's already saved, silly! Oh yeah. Rats.)

Posted by Camassia at July 11, 2003 07:06 PM | TrackBack

Camassia, I'm not from Telford's sect. I'm Lutheran. In my flavor of Christianity, you've already been saved.....in 33 a.d. ;-)

Posted by: Dash on July 11, 2003 08:19 PM

I'm not from Telford's or Dash's sect. In my branch you don't have to worry about being saved. ;)

Check it out:

Posted by: David on July 12, 2003 06:17 PM
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