January 28, 2005
Ecumenicism and torture
In the comments to this post, Lee remarked: I think there's a division among Christians between those who think that...
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September 01, 2004
Exclusion and dialogue
Andi linked the other day to a post by a Buddhist teacher in Korea who's facing a student who states...
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June 16, 2004
What's wrong with this picture?
So last night in Bible study we're reading John 8, where Jesus' arguments with the Jewish authorities reach fever pitch....
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May 26, 2004
By popular demand
I asked my pastor last night about what those interfaith meetings are about. It sounds like it mostly covers organizing...
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April 14, 2004
A different Easter meditation
Andi discusses Jesus in a Zen Center....
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November 07, 2003
Void where prohibited
Andi disagreed with my use of "the Void" in this post, so I poked around a bit to see just...
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November 06, 2003
And she's making me feel like I've never been born
OK, I finally have a bit of time to myself and should start on the backlog of posts that have...
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November 01, 2003
Many gods and many lords
Compare and contrast: recent posts on Christian-Muslim relations from Bill Cork and Allen Brill (and his commenters), plus an older...
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August 31, 2003
Theirs was not to reason why
Captain Inertia has a nice post up about online debates between Christians and nonbelievers. He admonishes his fellow Christians to...
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July 07, 2003
When theologians rampage
I finally reconnected with Telford this weekend -- he's sold his house and has a little more time on his...
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June 23, 2003
Can I get a witness?
Rob at ConNiPtionNs wrote a post inveighing against "witnessing": I don't really get this "witnessing," but I am subjected it...
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