November 07, 2003
Void where prohibited

Andi disagreed with my use of "the Void" in this post, so I poked around a bit to see just what the relation is of the Void to Nirvana. Like I said, I think there may be some sectarian differences on this, but there's an interesting collections of links on this page, on a Tibetan Buddhist site. Here is a relevant bit about voidness, enlightenment and compassion:

There are two ways integrate absolute and relative spirits of enlightenment. When you develop the absolute spirit, you experience the voidness of all existence; at that very moment of experience of voidness, you will develop intense compassion for all beings, since they are not negated by the experience of voidness. When you develop this relative spirit of enlightenment, this profound compassion for all beings, you will simultaneously feel the nonseperation of self and others. Appearances are like a magicianís illusions; they are actually devoid of intrinsic reality.

When you have successfully developed this integrated realization of the two kinds of spirit of enlightenment, you have correctly entered the path of the Universal Vehicle. By cultivating that realization, you will perfect your meditation and will naturally obtain the Form and Truth Bodies of Buddhahood. The Truth Body arises from voidness, the absolute spirit of enlightenment. The Form Body arises from compassion, the relative spirit of enlightenment. From the cultivation of the indivisible two kinds of spirit of enlightenment, you will reach the indivisible Truth and Form Bodies of Buddhahood.

So anyway, it's been interesting and educational discussing Buddhism, but that's the last I'm going to post about it for a while. I've got too much else on my plate right now to embark on another research expedition. Thanks to Andi for her comments, and her patience.

Posted by Camassia at November 07, 2003 03:00 PM | TrackBack

Great find...and I think you're right that some of its semantics, some of its sectarian differences on how enlightenment is experienced. *Sigh* Thank *you* for your critical and open approch to the subject!...

Posted by: andi on November 9, 2003 04:37 AM
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