January 04, 2005
Meet the parent
I will soon pick up the discussion threads I left dangling here, not to mention finally blog the last chapter...
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November 24, 2004
Identity and good works
So, about a week late, I'm finally getting around to blogging my first Beta class. Alpha, which I took a...
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November 21, 2004
Deja vu all over again
This morning, after some dithering, I went through the same routine as I did last Sunday: up to All Saints...
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November 17, 2004
More on All Saints 90210
Thanks to Lee for pointing out this post at Get Religion on the rector of All Saints Beverly Hills. The...
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The Beta version
The weekend involved more than buying a book. I'd been thinking about taking up Joe's offer to introduce me to...
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November 09, 2004
OK, I've vented my spleen about the Evangelical Quakers. So, Camassia, what was your good church experience this week? Well,...
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The idiot box
I've had a bad church experience and a good church experience in the past week. First the bad one, since...
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October 26, 2004
Cryin' at the doorstep of those armies of salvation
One of my complaints about churches has been that they don't seem to take the idea of Christian service seriously....
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October 17, 2004
Perpetuum mobile
Today I followed up on the idea from this thread and visited the Orthodox mission near my apartment. (By the...
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October 12, 2004
Judging by the comments to this post, I didn't make it clear enough what I meant by "teacher" and "student."...
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October 10, 2004
My student days
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've had a kind of stressful week, not least because I finally...
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October 04, 2004
Among the Anabaptists
Yesterday, in a somewhat unplanned fashion, I wound up at Hugo's old haunt, the Pasadena Mennonite Church. I'd had a...
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September 21, 2004
Speaking of church discipline...
Bwahahahaha! (Via The Gutless Pacifist.)...
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September 13, 2004
My Sunday
So, this was yesterday: two very different church services, not enough sleep, and a lot of singing. I should explain...
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May 30, 2004
When I went to church this morning I noticed a young man I hadn't seen before standing alone just outside...
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May 26, 2004
By popular demand
I asked my pastor last night about what those interfaith meetings are about. It sounds like it mostly covers organizing...
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May 22, 2004
Ascension Day
On Thursday evening my church had a joint Ascension service at the local Episcopal church. The Lutherans and the Episcopalians...
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January 21, 2004
Turns out the "new" liturgy mentioned in the last post wasn't actually new, even for this church. Apparently I just...
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January 18, 2004
Sign o' the times
What with everything going on I hadn't been to church, or anything related to it, since that caroling outing. It...
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December 21, 2003
Here we go a-wassailing
This afternoon I joined up with six other people from church to go out caroling. We visited church members who...
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December 01, 2003
Returning to the fold
Laura at Interesting Monstah has been doing a remarkable series of posts about returning to the African Methodist Episcopal Church...
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October 23, 2003
This just keeps getting more interesting
The pastor wasn't there when I went to the midweek service last night -- he was off at some synodal...
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October 22, 2003
Sundays with Uncle Marty
I'm going to say something that will probably please some of you and disappoint some of you, but them's the...
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October 20, 2003
Binding the wounds
Dash has a lovely post about a new Lutheran healing service....
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October 13, 2003
We all bow down
This week's church was the Culver-Palms Church of Christ. I went to this feeling blinder than usual -- I knew...
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September 21, 2003
I realized last night, after I'd gotten the computer pulled together again, that I never got around to blogging about...
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September 07, 2003
Day of unrest
This is not a relaxing weekend for me. As I write this, I am putting off going back to the...
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September 06, 2003
In the closet
Tomorrow I hope to file a report on the Church of St. Mark. It should be interesting to visit a...
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September 03, 2003
My dumb church questions for this week
So I went to Mass Times to investigate the Catholic churches in my neighborhood, and two questions immediately came up:...
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September 02, 2003
The joy we share as we tarry there
So as promised, here's my report on the Lutheran church I visited, which goes by the slightly kinky name of...
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August 27, 2003
Move over, Consumer Reports
Peter Nixon found a site featuring entertaining reviews of church services from all over. One of Peter's commenters said this...
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August 26, 2003
A question for my Lutheran readers
Or for anybody else who knows this ... I'm trying to figure out the differences between the Lutheran synods. I...
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A big enough umbrella
On Sunday I started my tour of local churches to see what looks promising. In addition to looking at the...
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August 21, 2003
Window shopping
Since one thing I feel I want in a church is that it be closer to me than my current...
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August 12, 2003
Where do I go?
I got some interesting and helpful responses to my previous post (thanks, everyone). I was going to reply to them...
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August 11, 2003
Wow, did I need that
I had a great vacation. I didn't quite realize, until I was already into it, how much I needed a...
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