August 27, 2003
Move over, Consumer Reports

Peter Nixon found a site featuring entertaining reviews of church services from all over. One of Peter's commenters said this report sounded sadly like a lot of Catholic churches in the Northeast; I don't know about that but it certainly fit with my memories of Massachusettsans:

After seeing others with service leaflets, I asked an older gentleman where I could find one. "There's only about 10,000 right there!" he snapped as he pointed to a small table in the corner of the entry hall and abruptly walked away.

Meanwhile, a report from Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena sounds awfully familiar. This bit coulda been CA, except I've never heard the band do Amazing Grace:
What musical instruments were played?
A seven-member rock band played for about 30 minutes at the beginning of the service. They performed a rock version of 'Jesus Loves Me', which I quite liked, then 'Amazing Grace' to the same tune as 'Jesus Loves Me', which I didn't like at all. A man sitting close by said that the regular band was away at the retreat, and he thought this was the youth band playing. I said: 'Someone should tell these kids that "Amazing Grace" needs no improvement!' He smiled politely at me.

Did anything distract you?
Numbers were periodically flashed on the screen, and at first I thought these might be Bible references. However, my seat-mate later informed me that every child attending is given a number, and if they misbehave, their number is flashed to notify their parents.

Was the worship stiff-upper-lip, happy clappy, or what?
Woodstock with a cross around its neck.

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