February 15, 2005
War and murder
Verbum Ipsum has been doing a series of posts quoting various Christians criticizing Christian pacifism. They've all given a lot...
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January 25, 2005
A little fraternal correction
I must admit that after I read Telford's new FAQ, my first thought was, "Well, whoever wrote that to him...
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January 08, 2005
Ask her why we're who we are
Judging from the comments on my post yesterday, I had probably better define what I mean by free will. Tom...
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January 05, 2005
Born free, but everywhere in chains
I did not, of course, know that the tsunami was coming when I blogged about the theology of nature (here,...
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December 16, 2004
What comes naturally
I don't know what it means to be blogging like a fish on fire, but I'll take it as a...
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December 15, 2004
From the mysterious Orient
Some comments to this post enlightened me a bit about Eastern Christianity. Christopher wrote: Peter Brown has written excellently on...
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Imago Dei
Thanks for all the great comments, everyone. A lot of subjects came up, so let me deal with them one...
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December 14, 2004
Original sin and its discontents
My attempt at starting a conversation about natural theology hasn't had any takers so far, and it occurs to me...
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Praise him, ye creatures here below
As promised, I want to comment some more on evolution and Christianity, starting with my comment to Vaughn's post. Some...
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December 13, 2004
We're talking creationism over at Icthus. At some point I'd like to expand on my own comment there, but first...
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December 09, 2004
More hermeneutics
Thanks for the nice comments on my last post, and thanks to Mark for pointing out this piece defending a...
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November 24, 2004
Identity and good works
So, about a week late, I'm finally getting around to blogging my first Beta class. Alpha, which I took a...
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October 20, 2004
Mysterious ways
Jennifer and I have been emailing back and forth about divine providence lately, and now I see she's brought the...
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September 27, 2004
Bowing to nothing
Andi is in Paris, and wrote a remarkable post about empty altars. This part rang extremely true to me: One...
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August 23, 2004
The graces
Toward the end of my mother's visit, we had a conversation which, she said, made my interest in Christianity "make...
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August 02, 2004
A few days ago Dash sent me the link to this interesting interview with Christian historian Jaroslav Pelikan. (You need...
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July 19, 2004
Life is elsewhere
Sorry for the lack of posting, folks. Haven't really been in the mood, and today I've got an upset stomach...
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June 30, 2004
Be not afraid
As promised, I ordered John Howard Yoder's The Politics of Jesus from the library, and will start reading (and blogging)...
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June 24, 2004
Think on thy last things
My post about hell from two days ago got a number of interesting responses. Apart from the comments, Tom also...
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June 21, 2004
There has to be an invisible sun
One of the nice things about church is that it reminds me that I'm not the only person with problems....
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June 08, 2004
Fall afresh on me
Sunday was Trinity Sunday, I guess because after Pentecost we've rounded up all three Persons in the narrative. Jennifer remarks...
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April 13, 2004
Perverse soul that I am, on Holy Saturday I was tempted to write, "Happy Harrowing!" I've still been getting a...
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March 31, 2004
Batter my heart, three-person'd God!
When I blogged Mark 7 I purposely hadn't looked at GG's posts on it yet. He points out some further...
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March 03, 2004
Upon whose authority
Sorry I kind of blew up in the previous thread. As you might have surmised, I have personal issues connected...
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January 30, 2004
Our precious bodily fluids
So I finally got my computer back, and after getting the right hardware, calling the right people and intoning the...
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November 02, 2003
The fortress of solitude
I'm coming down with a cold, so it might not be the wisest thing to post with a half-melted brain,...
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October 11, 2003
The triple omni
Richard Hall blogged a lecture he heard about the problem of evil, which apparently argued for a redefinition of omnipotence....
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October 01, 2003
Sorry I bailed out of the interesting discussion (which seems to be going on nicely without me). Work has been...
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September 28, 2003
Belief, myth, and jack#$%
David is still not happy with the answers he got to his problems with "the faith thing," and I have...
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September 26, 2003
More on the faith thing
Kynn weighs in....
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The gift of faith
Tom cogently responds, here and here, to David's objections to "the faith thing" in the comments to this post. I...
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August 22, 2003
Hermeneutics ... was that a jazz band?
Allen Brill responds to my last post on The Gutless Pacifist....
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August 19, 2003
What's old is new again
Allen Brill, a Lutheran minister who runs the blog The Right Christians, recommended I read his post on a James...
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July 31, 2003
The shape of righteousness
In the comments to a recent post Rob threw out a topic for discussion: "Deuteronomy 28: 15-68 The God of...
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July 21, 2003
Caroling softly the souls of slavery
Peter Nixon links to an interesting article about the Catholic Church's position on slavery over the centuries. The writer says...
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July 01, 2003
If you've ever wondered why God would reveal himself in the form of a guy born around 1 A.D. in...
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Lookin' to fill that God-shaped hole
Still no word from Telford, but I got an email today that asked an interesting question: I am very curious...
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