February 18, 2005
Freedom for my people
It can be entertaining to see a blogger get obsessed, and lately Eric Muller has been on the case of...
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January 05, 2005
He went and preached to the spirits in prison
I always thought it was extremely cool that Peter Nixon of the late, lamented Sursum Corda does prison ministry. I...
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November 29, 2004
Simple gifts
Some nice posts about the virtue of simplicity from Ben Kepple and Salty, a new poster in the Ruins....
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November 01, 2004
I didn't do anything for Reformation Day, even church. I kind of ran out of ideas for church visits, or...
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August 21, 2004
Humbling the exalted
After I went off to traipse among the cedars, Joe Guada wrote a thoughtful response to my most recent post...
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July 21, 2004
Giving and receiving
At one recent Bible study, we were discussing the beginning of the Last Supper scene in John where Peter protests...
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June 29, 2004
The eternal moment
Noah Millman has a neat essay about a Jewish custom I'd never heard of: counting the days between Passover and...
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March 27, 2004
Tongues of flame
Gossip is one sin that I never gave much thought to before. I was never especially attracted to it --...
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January 05, 2004
Sorry I've slacked off again, but I was fighting off a virus all weekend. I suspect it was that flu...
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December 12, 2003
Still more on the pagan Christmas
The Ever Changing Selection points to an article in Touchstone magazine arguing that the dating of Christmas had nothing to...
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December 10, 2003
Not to pile on, but...
I took a look at the article from which Pen drew his information about the pagan origins of Christmas, and...
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Season's greetings
Pen says: "Bah! Humbug!" Personally, I think he's throwing out the baby with the bathwater here. If the date of...
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November 10, 2003
Still more about power
Rob thinks I'm going all Foucaultian in seeing power relations even in family relationships. Power, in his mind, is about...
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November 08, 2003
Powers and principalities
The discussion about church and gender has gone on at The Right Christians and has moved to another, related subject:...
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September 23, 2003
Love the sinner, hate the sin
Kynn recently objected to that concept, and Tom responded with a series of posts (permalinks are fubar again, but it...
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August 31, 2003
Theirs was not to reason why
Captain Inertia has a nice post up about online debates between Christians and nonbelievers. He admonishes his fellow Christians to...
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July 07, 2003
When theologians rampage
I finally reconnected with Telford this weekend -- he's sold his house and has a little more time on his...
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June 25, 2003
Talking to brick walls
Tom is sounding a bit pessimistic about fellow Catholics who are unclear on the "blessed are the poor" concept when...
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June 23, 2003
Can I get a witness?
Rob at ConNiPtionNs wrote a post inveighing against "witnessing": I don't really get this "witnessing," but I am subjected it...
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