September 23, 2004
Your own impersonal Jesus
Interesting post at The Grace Pages about whitewashing Jesus: Even liberals seem to me, for all the fuss about being...
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August 04, 2004
Making all things new
The Salty Vicar writes about doing a funeral, which includes this thought about the resurrection: I then asked them to...
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July 30, 2004
Ya gotta know the rules
The belief that the Resurrection was a "spiritual event" rather than a physical one seems to be remarkably common. According...
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March 10, 2004
Atonement and victory
Peter writes that the Passion movie reminds him of the discussion he had with me about a year ago about...
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February 13, 2004
My pastor forwarded an email today that included a review of The Passion by a Dallas newswoman. If this is...
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February 12, 2004
Passion burning
Coincidentally, after I blogged my last post I went off to Bible study, and the subject of the Passion came...
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February 10, 2004
Bill Cork and Pen have both been worrying lately about the violence in Mel Gibson's upcoming movie The Passion. Pen...
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December 08, 2003
The descent
Jennifer posted recently about the Apostle's Creed, which, coincidentally, has been the subject of some contention in my Bible study...
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September 27, 2003
Hating your parents
Over at Tom's place a big discussion broke out about hatred, and Rob asked: For Jesus advocating "hate", check out...
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June 25, 2003
Other bloggers have already noted Lynn's fine essay last week on why Catholics are not idolatrous pagans. It spawned the...
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