July 30, 2004
Ya gotta know the rules
The belief that the Resurrection was a "spiritual event" rather than a physical one seems to be remarkably common. According...
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The one true church
I've got to update the blogroll for a few reasons, but one is to move Hugo Schwyzer to the Episcopalian...
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July 27, 2004
Better late than never
Pointing out, somewhat belatedly, some interesting happenings in the blogosphere: Eve and Andi had a very interesting discussion of sublimation....
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July 26, 2004
In defense of the mushy middle
Keith at Among the Ruins is ticked off over John Kerry's "incomprehensible" position on abortion. This is what Kerry said...
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July 21, 2004
Giving and receiving
At one recent Bible study, we were discussing the beginning of the Last Supper scene in John where Peter protests...
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July 19, 2004
Life is elsewhere
Sorry for the lack of posting, folks. Haven't really been in the mood, and today I've got an upset stomach...
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July 12, 2004
Politics & Jesus links
Tom K. had some remarks about the "burning coals" line I puzzled over last week. Start here and scroll up....
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The Lord of History?
Apologies to those who tried to visit over the weekend and found the server down. Here is the reason. I...
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July 08, 2004
Those libertarian Church Fathers
Clifton Healy has this to say to those who oppose legislating morality: The law is not mere convention--though clearly there...
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Follow along, children
I was surfing around and came upon an Australian Anabaptist blog (I love the Internet!) which links to an online...
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How to be a loyal opposition
Telford has a new FAQ up responding to a former student who's trying to introduce new (which means, from the...
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July 07, 2004
Good cop, bad cop
Yoder spends the fourth chapter of his book discussing pacifism and the Old Testament. Nowadays, of course, the creepy resemblance...
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July 05, 2004
One of the interesting things about John Howard Yoder is that he makes the case for Christian pacifism without shrinking...
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July 02, 2004
The Politics of Jesus, part 1
John Howard Yoder wrote his book in 1972 in response to theologies at the time that asserted Jesus was totally...
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The blue religion
I have started on the Yoder book, and will blog on it later today when I'm home from work. But...
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