July 12, 2004
Politics & Jesus links

Tom K. had some remarks about the "burning coals" line I puzzled over last week. Start here and scroll up. (Also, though it's totally unrelated, don't miss the Venn diagram of predestination!)

Mark also comments on that Clifton Healy post on legislating morality that I opined on earlier. It's part of a larger series on the topic he's doing, with abundant quoting of Thomas Aquinas (scroll around).

Jennifer has started bloggin on another book discussing Christianity and politics, here and here.

And finally, I got around recently to reading Telford's article on patriotism and Christian identity that he wrote shortly after the 9/11 attacks. It took me so long because it's a frigging 37-page PDF file, but once I printed it out it read pretty fast and was quite interesting.

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