June 30, 2004
Be not afraid
As promised, I ordered John Howard Yoder's The Politics of Jesus from the library, and will start reading (and blogging)...
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June 29, 2004
The eternal moment
Noah Millman has a neat essay about a Jewish custom I'd never heard of: counting the days between Passover and...
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June 24, 2004
Think on thy last things
My post about hell from two days ago got a number of interesting responses. Apart from the comments, Tom also...
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June 21, 2004
There has to be an invisible sun
One of the nice things about church is that it reminds me that I'm not the only person with problems....
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June 16, 2004
What's wrong with this picture?
So last night in Bible study we're reading John 8, where Jesus' arguments with the Jewish authorities reach fever pitch....
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June 14, 2004
The woman at the well
Hugo Schwyzer has been posting about rape and the politics of consent, which in the comments to this post turned...
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June 11, 2004
He's tanned, rested and ready
So a month after I figured Telford had abandoned blogging, he switches blogging software and makes a comeback. Can't live...
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R.I.P., Ray Charles
Lovely tributes to the master from Tripp and Jeanne d'Arc. I agree with Jeanne that what he did with cover...
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June 08, 2004
Fall afresh on me
Sunday was Trinity Sunday, I guess because after Pentecost we've rounded up all three Persons in the narrative. Jennifer remarks...
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June 05, 2004
A bit more on God and Caesar
I am too tired today to take up this subject again right now, but Hugo Schwyzer has a post that's...
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June 01, 2004
God and Caesar, part 2
Someone I know said that Pentecost is the most political Christian holy day. Because that was when the Church stood...
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