December 15, 2003
Blogrolling on

We're not gonna be getting any polaroids of Armageddon any more, because Hernan Gonzalez closed up shop. But, as if my blog requires a certain number of Catholic links to maintain equilibrium, I've found Veritas, which recently blogrolled me as a "Raider of the Lost Ark." Gee, suddenly I sound so exciting!

Other recent additions: Overboard, Interesting Monstah and Correction, the blog of sometime commenter Matthias.

Posting will continue to be spotty until after New Year's -- various things are keeping me busy. But I'll try to squeeze in something here and there, including the next thrilling chapter of Mark! (I know you're all waiting for it.)

Posted by Camassia at December 15, 2003 07:44 PM | TrackBack

Eek! Mark!

Man, I am so far behind.


Posted by: Kynn Bartlett on December 17, 2003 10:19 AM
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