July 25, 2003
The feline invasion

So, while I've been wasting time writing about God around here, I know what you've all really wanted to know is: What happened with the cat?

Well, he's still hanging around, but it turns out he does belong to somebody. His name is Storm. A young woman in my building keeps him, along with a large black dog. Seeing as her apartment is probably the same size as mine, it's no wonder Storm prefers to hang out at my place.

I might yet be acquiring a cat, though. Another beastie, a scrawny little black one, apparently figured out that there's free food to be had in my place and has started coming around also. I try not to let them both in at the same time, since they don't really get along. The black one really seems like a stray, it's so skinny and nervous. It's getting to trust me, but it used to skitter backwards whenever I'd walk towards it. I guess I should give it a name, but I still don't know what gender it is.

Between the two of them, they're keeping me busy. Someone at a message board I used to frequent had the handle Servant of Cats, and I know how she feels. Once they outnumber you, it's all over ...

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