November 30, 2004
What you're searching for
Some search engine queries that landed people here: when do boils go away I don't know. I don't really know...
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November 29, 2004
Simple gifts
Some nice posts about the virtue of simplicity from Ben Kepple and Salty, a new poster in the Ruins....
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Just don't redo "We Are the World"
I noticed that today the charity single "Do They Know It's Christmas?" has been re-recorded 20 years later in order...
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November 27, 2004
This blog now has archives by category as well as by date. I decided to do this as an aid...
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November 26, 2004
Love and peace or else
Yes, I bought the new U2 album the other day, and the title tune seems like a great theme song...
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November 25, 2004
The revolution at home
Up till now The Politics of Jesus has dealt with politics in their usual meaning of government and the public...
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November 24, 2004
Identity and good works
So, about a week late, I'm finally getting around to blogging my first Beta class. Alpha, which I took a...
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November 23, 2004
Pacifism and passivity
Over at Icthus NJD has taken on a rather thankless task in this corner of the blogosphere and defended Richard...
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November 22, 2004
Family as idol
Jennifer's recent post linking to an article on gender-selective technology started me on a train of thought, or perhaps continued...
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November 21, 2004
Deja vu all over again
This morning, after some dithering, I went through the same routine as I did last Sunday: up to All Saints...
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November 17, 2004
More on All Saints 90210
Thanks to Lee for pointing out this post at Get Religion on the rector of All Saints Beverly Hills. The...
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The Beta version
The weekend involved more than buying a book. I'd been thinking about taking up Joe's offer to introduce me to...
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November 16, 2004
It's back! It lives!
I was up in the San Gabriel Valley this weekend, and decided to stop by the Fuller Seminary Bookstore to...
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November 11, 2004
Word of the day
Theocracy is a form of government in which the governmental rulers are identical with the leaders of the dominant religion....
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November 09, 2004
OK, I've vented my spleen about the Evangelical Quakers. So, Camassia, what was your good church experience this week? Well,...
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The idiot box
I've had a bad church experience and a good church experience in the past week. First the bad one, since...
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November 05, 2004
People with waaaay too much time on their hands
Have you ever wanted to see the Bible enacted with Legos? Neither have I, but the Internet brings all kinds...
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November 04, 2004
It was a dark and stormy night
Of all the post-election posts I've seen, I think my favorite is from Rilina: I began to consider something Tavis...
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November 01, 2004
I didn't do anything for Reformation Day, even church. I kind of ran out of ideas for church visits, or...
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