August 07, 2004

I'm posting today from my hometown of Mill Valley, California, where I'm on the first leg of my vacation. In a couple days my mother and I will be heading to the lovely Northwest to visit friends and relatives and enjoy beauteous nature. My mother's parents are both from Oregon, and she went to grad school at the U. of Washington, so we have a lot of connections up there. But I haven't been there since I was 16, when I went alone to stay with cousins. Then, incidentally, was when I went to my first (and so far only) Quaker meeting, because my teenaged second cousin had joined them. The meeting consisted of maybe five teenagers sitting around talking, though one of them did teach us a song that I dimly remember. Anyway, the cousin's gone off somewhere so there won't be any Quaker meetings this time, but I'll be busy and on the move and won't have a chance to post for at least a week. But I brought the Yoder book with me, so I'm sure when I come back I'll have a lot to say about it. See ya!

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