April 01, 2004
Mark 8a

I noticed in GG's post on the middle part of Mark 8, commenter Pat remarks on a healing story in it that neither one of us addressed:

This account from Mark is another of my favorite healings in the Gospels. Jesus sighs at his disciples then effects another healing. That he had to lay hands on the man twice is a reminder that healing is usually a gradual process.

And, we do see only dimly, as through a dark glass -- seeing "like trees walking." Jesus will lay hands on us that final time and we shall see perfectly.

I hadn't thought of that -- it looked like yet another in a long line of healing stories. But it's interesting to think of this in light of where it's situated in the story. We just finished a story where nobody understands what Jesus is doing -- the Pharisees demand a sign, and the disciples are totally confused about the bread. But after the healing story, we get a glimmer of light: Peter identifies Jesus as Messiah. He still can't cope with the idea that Jesus will die, but like the blind man, he's beginning, imperfectly, to see.

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