March 25, 2004
The cold became a flu...

... and I'm still recovering from it, but I'm feeling a lot more alive. (Thanks for asking, Allen.)

One plan that the illness derailed was that I was going to start up the Mark blogging again. I had just about given up on it, as my co-bloggers had fallen off and various other things had intervened. But I saw my new acquaintance GG, who has a blog devoted to reading through the Episcopal lectionary, came up to where I left off last weekend, at the beginning of chapter 7. I thought, hey, maybe that would be a good time to hop back on, but then I got sick. Now he's well into chapter 8, though today's reading is naturally devoted to the Annunciation. However, I might try to catch up with him by blogging 7 all at once. His discipline should be a model for me -- even while I was doing Mark, I was incredibly flaky about it!

Meanwhile, rilina had an interesting reaction to part of the Hauerwas lecture that I blogged last week.

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It was a pleasure watching another seeker diving into the sometimes impenetrable mind of Mark as he preaches to us from two thousand years ago.

The longer I look, the less I know, but the more I know I need to look longer.

Get better!

Posted by: GG on March 26, 2004 03:45 PM
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