December 30, 2003
Hallelujah here she comes

Well, the last time I took off for a week everything disappeared except the last entry, but this time the page went completely blank! Sorry about that. I've been off visiting my family in the Carolinas, and I've had no opportunity to blog.

My mother's man gave me a book by Jaroslav Pelikan called Jesus Through the Centuries. I think I've heard other bloggers refer to Pelikan before but I really don't know anything about him. Has anyone read him? I note he also wrote a book about creeds, which might clear up the whole descent into hell thing...

I'll try to get back in the swim of things, though I'll get interrupted again next week because my mother's coming to visit. I note that Kynn blogged Mark 5 in my absence, and I might comment on that later. But today I have things to take care of, and have to get over my jet lag.

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Pelikan is a fairly renowned theologian who converted from Lutheranism to Eastern Orthodoxy several years ago. Most of his work is historical in nature.

Posted by: Chris Burgwald on January 2, 2004 02:41 PM
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