November 14, 2003
A gender-conscious blogwatch

Sgt. Stryker posted his remarks that I quoted earlier on his own blog, with more comments. This set Peter Nixon on a sweet appreciation of his father. Meanwhile, Andi has some interesting thoughts about my Promise Keepers post.

Allen Brill explains that evangelicals aren't all right-wingers. This seems affirmed by Telford's lament about the divisive debate over homosexuality going on at Westmont. The fact that there are such divisions even in a tiny evangelical college might surprise a lot of people.

On a related note, Philosoraptor is lamenting the decline of civil discourse in the culture at large, and pondering the reasons for it.

Posted by Camassia at November 14, 2003 07:22 PM | TrackBack

I read Kim du Toit's essay...I believe you referenced it as some point in the gender debate (I'm all lost now: reading!). It appalled me. I was aghast. It was so simplistic, and so bombastic, I didn't believe it was a serious argument. Was it? Anyway, after reading that I am immensely gratified to return to the sensible and thoughtful debate on power/gender/men/women over here. That's it. (I'm still appalled...)

Posted by: andi on November 15, 2003 03:28 AM
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