November 11, 2003
More on the man problem

From Peter Nixon:

When I made my Cursillo, I encountered a lot of men who, at my age, were a lot like me. They were young, full of piss and vinegar and ready to make their mark on the world. They were rising through the ranks at work, raising what appeared to be perfect families, and pillars in their parishes. They thought they were invincible. And then, one by one, they were humbled: alcoholism, drug addiction, adultery, job loss, disease, death, you name it. They came to a point of crisis and found that, despite everything they had absorbed about the importance of a man being “in control,” that they were no longer in control. I understand why younger guys don’t want to hear those stories, but they should know that humility will come their way one day, one way or another. It would be wise to be prepared.

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