November 03, 2003
Out on a Blogwatch

I'm not feeling up to full-blown posting today, but at some point I do want to address Andi's incisive response to my somewhat fever-brained comments about Buddhism yesterday. (Permalinks are bloggered again, but, thanks to the miracle of time zones, it's under Nov. 4.)

On my trip to San Francisco a few weeks ago I called Telford from my friend's flat in the Haight to make arrangements, and he mentioned he would be in SF the following weekend to counsel some Westmont students who were on a mission in that very neighborhood. Telford always described most of his students as having grown up in a little evangelical cocoon, so I could imagine they'd need some counsel working in that hippie funhouse. So it was interesting to see what he said to them. We bloggers actually put in a rather prominent appearance!

Meanwhile, in a very odd study group even for the blogosphere, a Quaker, a Jew and a Gnostic are discussing the Gospel of Thomas. I will resume Mark soon...

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